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We start with puppies

We believe that young puppies should have the opportunity to develop emotionally, socially and physically from the moment they are born. This is done through exposure to a variety of activities and exercises that are necessary to enable an optimal learning experience. Working with puppies at this neonatal and early age instills a deep rooted bond to humans, gives them a solid foundation for all future endeavors, builds confidence, fosters enthusiasm for training, and instills a willingness to be of service/ work.

We want puppies to grow up in an environment that is conducive to their future roles. We use structured protocols based on very specific developmental timelines in the young puppies. Our focus is on human social bonding, imprinting, stimulation, conditioning, enrichment, habituation, and socialization. This early training helps build confidence, and problem solving skills.

Our early learning focus is on developing puppies to their fullest potential, helping them explore, learn and achieve. All our puppies are whelped and raised in a home environment which facilitates a balance of a calm atmosphere, day to day activities, constant care, and learning opportunities.

Hire a CCK-9 team

Detection dogs are a cost effective way to ensure security. Cougar Creek K-9 will send you a highly trained and certified team. When you hire a professional K-9 team from CCK9 you know your event will be thoroughly examined by the highest quality detection teams.

CCK9 K-9 Training

It is vital to make a good match when you buy a K9. We work with you in selecting the right dog for you, after all you are going to be a team. The bond between you and your K9 team mate is essential if the best job is to done.


CCK9 partners with Back on the Block K9. Back on the Block K9 (BotBK9) is an organization that empowers a Veteran to return to civilian life by providing a fully trained Service K9.